Database manager

The Database Manager is the central place to create or open PayMaker 2 databases. Unless chosen otherwise, it is displayed when PayMaker 2 is started and can also be opened at any time via the menu item StoreOpen Database Manager.

The Database Manager is divided into two areas.

Database operations

The following functions are available in the left part of the window:

Create database: Create a new database. The app first asks for the name and location of the new document, then the window for entering a debit account appears.

Open file: Open an existing database. The app shows the Open File dialog, with which you can select and open the desired database.

Import: Create a new database and import data from CLX.PayMaker OS X or UBS Pay.

Show this window when PayMaker 2 launches: If selected, the Database Manager is displayed when the app starts. If this option is not selected, the app will automatically open the most recently opened database on startup. If you only work with one database, this is the more convenient option.

List of databases

In the grey part of the Database Manager on the right, the app lists the most recently opened databases. You can open them with a double click. You can also use the context menu (ctrl-click or right-click) to display the location of the database in the Finder.

If you have not yet opened a PayMaker 2 database, the app does not display the grayed out area.