Main window

The Payments window is the main PayMaker window. If it is closed, you can open it via the menu PaymentsDisplay payments.

Main Window

The window is divided into four areas.

1. Toolbar

The toolbar contains buttons for the actions that you can perform with payments. As in most macOS applications, you can show, hide or customize the toolbar. You can find the corresponding options in the Display menu or by right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) on the free space in the toolbar.

2. Filter column

In the filter column you can choose which payments PayMaker should display.

2.1 Groups

If you have defined several debit accounts, you can expand the groups and display only those payments that are assigned to a particular debit account.

2.2 Tags

You can assign any tags (labels) to your payments when you create them. As soon as you have created at least one payment with a given tag, it appears in the filter column. If you select a day, PayMaker displays the corresponding new and archived payments.

3. List of payments

The list of payments displays all payments that match the selected filter criterion or the search term entered in the toolbar. The display can be adjusted:

4. Payment detail view

The details of the top-most selected payment are displayed in the fourth area.