First steps

1. Welcome

After starting PayMaker displays the Welcome dialog. You can fully test the program for 60 days from the first start; click Try to do so. The app calls the Database Manager.

2. Create a database

3. Create payments

After you have created the client, PayMaker displays the main window:


Click Create on the toolbar to enter a new payment.

4. Prepare payment file

Select the payments entered and click Prepare on the toolbar. PayMaker creates a payment file with the settings selected when entering the debit account. The app then opens the overview window for the payment files:

Payment Files

Select the line at the top level and click on the Finder icon. PayMaker opens a Finder window and selects the payment file.

5. Upload payment file

PayMaker 2 Mac cannot transfer payment files to the financial institution; you have to do this yourself. Log into your financial institution’s online banking system and upload the payment file.