License management

1. Welcome dialog

If the application cannot find a valid license code on the computer, it displays the welcome dialog after starting up.

You can fully test the program for 60 days from the first start.

1.1 Enter license code

An active Internet connection is required to check the license key. The following three results are possible:

  1. The license key is valid for PayMaker 2.
  2. The license key is valid but for another CREALOGIX product → Please contact CREALOGIX support.
  3. The license key is not valid → First check your entry. If you are sure that you have entered the correct code, contact CREALOGIX support.

2. license information

Select PayMakerLicense… from the menu to display the window with the information about the currently installed license.

Check license online: Click this button to check the current license key online. This is necessary if CREALOGIX Support changes the license on the server to make it valid (again).

Update license key: Click this button to enter a new license key.