UBS Pay import

PayMaker 2 can import data from the Windows app UBS Pay – Version 5.6. The procedure requires steps to be done on the Windows computer as well as on your Mac:

  1. Create a backup of the UBS Pay database that is not password protected.
  2. Select Import in the database manager.
  3. Select the source.
  4. Choose the existing file and the storage location for the new file.
  5. If necessary, update existing debit account records.
  6. Run the import.

1. Create an UBS Pay backup

  1. Create an empty directory on your Windows computer.
  2. Start UBS Pay.
  3. If you have protected your payment data with a password, you must replace it with an empty password (menu FileSet/change UBS Pay password…).
  4. Click on FileSave database….
  5. Select the empty folder you created in step 1, select all files and click Save.
  6. If you removed the password in step 3, you can set it again now.
  7. Copy the folder containing the UBS Pay backup copy to your Mac.

2. Call the import function

When PayMaker 2 launches, the database manager is displayed. You can also open this window by selecting FileOpen Database Manager.

Click Convert Database.

3. Select the source

Choose UBS Pay Version 5.6 and press Continue. You may ignore the UBS Pay import instructions since you have already created the UBS Pay backup.

4. Select files

The app opens the dialog where you can select the directory that contains the UBS Pay backup on the first line and the name and storage location for the PayMaker 2 database on the second line.

Click the folder symbols to the right of the text fields in order to show the standard File open and File save dialogs.

Press Continue when you have selected both files.

5. Adjust debit account information

In contrast to the old version, PayMaker 2 only accepts IBAN as account number for debit accounts. In addition, the app supports both the old DTA and the new ISO 20022 format for exporting payment orders.

In this step, you must adjust all the debit accounts to be imported so that they are accepted by PayMaker 2. The app displays a window with a list of the debit accounts to be imported. Debit accounts that must be adjusted are marked with a red triangle. Select an account and press

Make adjustments

If the account number of the imported debit account is not an IBAN, the account number field is empty. You can enter the IBAN directly or click on the blue info icon next to the field to access the IBAN converter. The IBAN converter uses the SIX Interbank Clearing AG’s online IBAN tool to convert old account numbers into the corresponding IBAN. This requires an active internet connection.

Other data to be adjusted if necessary:

The Continue button will become active as soon as you have fixed all incompatibilities.

6. Start the import

As soon as you have adjusted all debit accounts, the Continue button becomes active and you can start the import.