Edit debit account

To access the window for entering or editing a debit account:

  1. Choose Master dataDebit accounts from the menu.
  2. Click on Capture or Edit in the toolbar. If the toolbar is not displayed, select DisplayDisplay Toolbar from the menu.


Depending on the financial institution, the debit account window contains five or six areas spread over two pages. You can use the Next or Back keys to switch between pages. To save your entries, press Save on the second page.

Page 1 - Account information

Account name: Choose any name, mandatory.

Account number: Mandatory. PayMaker only accepts Swiss and Liechtenstein IBAN. If you only know the old account number and the clearing number of your bank, you can have them converted into the corresponding IBAN by clicking on info symbol. An internet connection is required.

Account currency: The account’s currency.

Posting account: If you want to export payments for import into an accounting program, you can enter the number of the posting account here.

Page 1 - Account holder

The address of the account holder. The name, postcode and city are mandatory.

Page 1 - E-Banking

You can access the online banking for your account directly from the payment files window.

Login URL: The WWW address of your online banking login page.

Web browser: The web browser with which you want to access the online banking.

Page 2 - Payment files

Payment files are the files that you upload to your financial institution in online banking.

Format of the payment file: This field is only displayed if a selection actually exists. ISO 20022 is the current format, which should be the only valid one since July 1, 2018. However, some financial institutions have not yet finished converting from DTA to ISO 20022 - for these banks you can choose the old DTA format.

Storage directory: Select the folder in which the app should store the payment files for this debit account.

Template for the file name: PayMaker can generate file names dynamically, depending on the file creation date. By clicking on Variable symbol you can insert the variables Day, Month or Year into the template. ISO 20022 files should have the extension .xml; DTA files should have the extension .dta.

Page 2 - Debit advice

You can choose between No advice, Single advice, Collective advice without details and Collective advice with details.

Please note the following:

Page 2 - Fee debit account

This area is only displayed if the account number on the first page is a PostFinance account number.

PostFinance allows you to specify a separate account number for an account to which transaction fees are debited. You can leave this field blank or enter a Swiss or Liechtenstein IBAN. If you only know the old account number, you can have it converted to the corresponding IBAN by clicking on info symbol. An internet connection is required.