Change payment file

If you have created a payment file and immediately notice that something is incorrect, you can undo the action via the menu EditUndo Prepare. This deletes the file in the system as well as the corresponding entry in PayMaker and the provided payments are again in the group New.

There is no direct way to renew a payment file stored on your computer at a later time. Although you can change or delete payments provided in PayMaker, the corresponding ISO 20022 or DTA file is not adjusted as a result.

If you want to recreate the file you are sending to your financial institution, proceed as follows:

  1. In PayMaker, open the window with the payment files via the menu Payment FilesShow Payment Files.
  2. Select the entry of the payment file you want to create.
  3. Delete the payment file. PayMaker moves the corresponding payments to the trash.
  4. In the main window, select the group Trash.
  5. Select the desired payments and click PaymentsRestore from Trash. PayMaker moves the payments into the group New.
  6. Adjust the payments if necessary and prepare them again.